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my laptop won't start up-it reads, "Windows failed to strt. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. I don'thave installation disc--if I did have it,m it's lost. Any suggestions? I was terying to download a TV show from a website and i THINK I ruined my computer. thanks
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  1. What model laptop? Can you get into BIOS? (Setup). If so, can you see your HDD? Answer probably yes, next question, do you have any data stored that you can't afford to lose...??
  2. Depending on the make/model you might have a restore partition that would let you reset your laptop to factory conditions. With out the make/model it is hard to tell you how to do it though.
  3. start with the simple stuff. pull the battery and power and flip the laptop over and reset the ram..over time i seen laptop ram walk out. on power up hit f8 go into safe mode if you can. if you can with network support go online and do a virus scan it may be a virus you pick up. if you cant try using a hirem boot cd and run a virus scan from it. hirem also hass a mini xp boot where you can boot from xp and back your personal data off the laptop. also most vendors charge a small fee for the restore cd or you can try ebay.
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