Fried Coax Input?

I've searched up and down for this exact problem but not finding the answers I need, so here it is.

I recently attempted to set up my 32" RCA LCD HDTV as a monitor for my laptop. Both devices are on the same circuit, grounded, with surge protection, including surge protection for the coax.

I used a new S-video cable, plugged it into "Input 1" on the TV, then when attempting to plug the other end into my S-Video Out connection on my laptop, I heard a "pop" sound from the TV. Naturally, I didn't continue plugging it in, went to my room to change my pants, and came back out to investigate.

I've used my laptop in a similar setup before with another TV with no problems. I turned the TV back on (keeping in mind that the surge protector still said "Grounded" and "Protected"), and it seemed as nothing was wrong, until about 45 seconds later, the sound started getting choppy, then the picture started getting choppy, and then the TV blue screen of death..."Unusable Signal."

Turn the TV off, let it sit about a minute, turn it back on...voila...crystal clear picture and sound. For another minute. Repeat problem.

I'm thinking..."ok, maybe it shorted the coax", swapped the coax and splitter and same problem.

Picture and sound still work fine with RGB Component from my DVD Surround system...

The TV is only about 6 months old, and I'm thinking that it either fried my input, which doesn't make a lot of sense considering it works for about a minute, or it fried the internal digital tuner. I only subscribe to basic cable, and use the TV's digital tuner for my HD programming.

So what my question boils down to is this: Is it the coax input, something else along the Cable TV system (outside, in the box) or my tuner? Oh, and the internet was unaffected...modem and signal are fine.

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  1. Basically it will show a picture and sound for about 1-2 minutes, then the picture and sound get choppy, then the blue screen. After the TV is off for a while, turn it back on, and same deal...everything is fine for a few minutes and then goes out. Nothing is affected by wiggling the coax...I'm lost.

    I did contact RCA, provided them a copy of my receipt, and have to call back tomorrow morning for further instructions, maybe I'll get lucky and they'll fix it...I've only had it for 9 months.

    Thanks again...
  2. So it's the main board I need to replace? This is what the service center told me, they said they'd do the work for $55 plus the cost of the part...I already have the TV apart lol. Price range I'm seeing for the board is anywhere from $65-$90, sound right?

    Oh, and RCA told me that I could ship the unit to them and they'd repair it...if I paid $129.99 for labor and $50 for them to ship a box to me with a label...what a joke.
  3. if we are talking about a known defect, (i can't say myself if it is known) then RCA should be confronted and they should fix it for free. Try posting this story on "the ripoff report" website. RCA may offer to take care of it to save a good customer the trouble.
    if that does not work I would also try filing a BBB complaint and insist that they fix a potential known defect at no charge.
    If you get stuck paying for it, you need to consider how much did this unit cost in the first place?? is it really worth fixing??
    and if it is fixed, will the same problem occur again later on? :whistle:
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