Who makes the best laptop for creating animation

I'm looking to buy a laptop and for some opinions, on who makes the best laptop for creating animation and rendering, video editing, sound editing MTec D9F or Toshiba X500 or HP Pavilion DV9T Quad Edition. or Alienware :o
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  1. Budget 2500 to 3000

    Size 17 inch

    A couple hours on the battery

    I use animation Master soft ware

    QuickTime and Video editing InterVideo WinDVD

    A good amount os H.D.D.

    Your Web Store for MTECHD900F) MTECH D9F I7 Powerhouse
    hope this thanks

    HP (R) Official Store HP Pavillion DV9T Quad Edition Alienware

    Toshiba Qosmio X500 Laptop co...fot the Toshiba Qosmio X500
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    I believe the D900F also has professional GPU options, which you would benefit majorly from. Take a closer look at it.

    You should also know you won't be getting a couple hours out of any of these notebooks. You'll get a maximum of barely 2: the D900F is known for a 45-minute battery life.
  3. Ya i'm thinking of the D900F. The battery isn't that big a deal. i'm more interest in if it can render a animation file, and move all those CP's
    Thank you frozenlead, for your help
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