[Gaming] 42'' Budget Plasma vs. 37'' Budget LCD

Hey all,

I'm currently looking to buy my first HDTV, primary focus is gaming, then everything else. I've already researched Plasmas and the only one I can afford is the Samsung PS-42C450, it'll cost me about 500€, really can't go any higher I'm already stretching it, I was wondering if it was a good buy? Or should I look into a budget 37'' LCD?

As you can see I don't have much to spend and wanted at least 37'', I've always wanted a "big screen" :)

Is burn in still a problem with plasmas? Do I have to be worried if I'm planning on playing 2+ hour sessions? And Will the LCD have any annoying input lag? Or are these things of the past?
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  1. I just recently bought a Samsung 42" Plasma which has a "Game Mode" feature and I love it.
    Most newer Plasmas only really suffer Burn-in if you leave any still image in the same spot for hours on end, but even still it's not a real problem since they have Burn-in protection like, Pixel shifting which isn't noticeable to the naked eye.

    I have no real experience with LCD tvs, so I wont be of much help there.
  2. Just be conscious of not leaving your TV on when it's not being used and you'll be just fine.

    Sorry for the double post, but it wouldn't let me edit my post for some reason O.o
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