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My fantasy is to have a single mp3 player with my entire music collection on it. I want to be able to either choose an album and play it or to have a shuffle/random button and be surprised. I own about 3700 CDs, 1700 vinyl albums, 800 78s, 100 reel-to-reels, and 100 45s. Portability is not an issue. I just want it hooked up to my stereo.
1. I have calculated that I will need about 350 GB of storage. Did I calculate correctly?
2. What is out there? What is good? I assume that I will need a hard drive player. Right?
3. Should I just get a dedicated computer and hook it up to my stereo? If so, what would be the best software to use?
4. My experience with random/shuffle features on CD players indicates that they are not all alike. Some will play all tracks without repetition and just stop. Others tend to pick the same tracks over and over. Of course, I prefer the former. Is some software/player better than the others in this feature?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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  1. Hello there,
    Well that is alot of music data you would like to have on one MP3/MP4 Player. I am not use about the player you are looking for.
    But I do have a few softwares in mind for your music data.. Winamp/MediaMonkey would be my choices.
    Now for the Music data I think it would be best to just buy a nice notebook computer that has good CPU/Windows 7/ Memory and a good HD 250GB and up /or buy a external HD..
    Not sure what you are looking for in a Notebook computers but if I was a Dj and I do have parties I would buy a Notebook for my Music Data,
    and that would be the only data I would add in the notebook computer. Something in the speed of 2.0 CPU and up in notebooks.

    Alot of Professional Dj's do this type of style and that does go for me as well.
    But there is not many MP3/MP4 players that can hold that much but I would have to go with an apple computer for the music. It will automatic read a disc (only if the information is added before burning and it has to be burn in a professional format as well.)

    Well that is all I can think about but if you like to ask me more questions you can and I might have a answer for you.
    Hope that I help just a little

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