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Okay lets see if you guys can help me out, and if this has already been asked, sorry in advance.
I've got a nice home speaker system that I would like to use for my computer. It has a built-in digital surround decoder and supports DTS and Dolby Digital Pro Logic 2. I've got a coaxial cable I'd like to use, but I can go out and buy an optical cable if necessary. I can't connect it via analog, at least as far as I can tell. I'd like to use it to watch movies and play music, but I'm also an avid gamer, so I want one that is good for games also. I've got it connected to the integrated Realtek chip on my motherboard, but I can't get it to actually put it into surround mode, it only plays in stereo, so I would like this card to actually use all 6 of my speakers. I've been looking at the Turtle Beach Montego, the M-audio Revolution, and the Audigy 2 line from Creative Labs. My programs of choice as of now are Half-Life 2, Battelfield 2, and WinDVD 5. I'd like to spend as little as possible on this, but if I have to buy a $150 soundcard meet the requirements, then so be it. Thanks in advanced to all the people that try to help.
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  1. The Turtle Beach Montego has optical in and out, and should do what you're looking for.

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