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I'm looking for a new 24" monitor for my desktop. I'll be using it mainly for games, movies and to hook up my 360 to it. Currently I doubt between these 3 monitors:
Dell SP2309W
Dell S2409W
Samsung 2493HM

Anyone got some experience with one of these.. about ghosting and backlight bleeding? And which one would you take? The price isn't a problem because they are around the same price.

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  1. if ur gonna use ur 360 then look for 1:1 pixel mapping for the 2493HM.. if it doenst.. dont get it.. the image will just stretch.. u might not want this.. but if this doesnt bother u then go ahead since the 2309 w or the 2409w has lesser pixels meaning less workspace or viewing space for u.. exactly 10 % less than u would be getting from the 2309 or 2409.. plus, i believe the 2493HM has the best ergonomics option among the 3.. it goes into portrait mode (pivots 90 degrees,), swivels easily, tilts and has better height adjustments.. the dells given don,t have all that..

    Those 3 are all TN panels

    the backlight bleeding i believe depends per monitor not per series of models or something (in most cases)

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