Thinking about 30" monitor for PC/PS3

Hey guys, I currently have a Samsung 22" SyncMaster 226BW hooked up to my PC and Xbox 360 via VGA. I will be replacing my 360 with a PS3 pretty soon (so I need something with an hdmi connection). I want to get something bigger and I was thinking about either getting an hdtv (32" or 37" 1080p) or a 30" monitor (gateway xhd 3000 is what I'd want).
Now I know the advantage of the 30" monitor is the 2560x1600 resolution, but even a bluray movie plays at 1080p so the extra resolution is pointless for the ps3/movies. And it seems like unless you have a crazy set up you can't really game at those resolutions on your computer either. I do plan on getting a new computer too but I dont want to have to buy like a gt280 sli set up. (I'd probably get a single 285 or 260). With all that said, what would you guys recommend? Is the extra resolution worth it, or should I buy an hdtv, and is that practical to use as a computer monitor. Thanks for your help guys
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  1. no one has any thoughts on 30" monitors?
  2. DELL, HP or Gateway
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