Laptop having BSOD and Freezing Problem Help

OKay just got my msi 1651 back and the bios is replaced and up to date. I even reformated my computer and installed the new windows 7 drivers.

I have a ms 1651
9600m GT ddr3 512mb
4gb of ram
5300 wifi card

I have ran diagnostics to see anything wrong with computer. Nothing. I get bsod on any game ill be playing. Not sure if its the graphics card dyeing out on me or the processor. I have also put windows vista 32bit home premium and i still get bsod on it.
i get 0x00000214
or if the computer doesnt get bsod after i get bsod once mmy computer freezes up after about an hour of just doing normal stuff. if anyone can help me please help as sson as possible.
Nothing with sofware i have done everything microsoft has told me i think it might be my graphics card but i am not sure.
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  1. You've got a hardware fault on your hands if changing the OS didn't change the problem.

    What diagnostics did you run?
  2. i have run ultimate boot cd and also the geek squad disc as well.. says nothing is wrong with anything passes all the test. drivers are up to date. everything with the bsod the 0xetc always points to my video card.
  3. If that's the case, and you've tried all the drivers you can find, then you're right, it's your GPU.

    Record it's idle and load temperatures to check if it's overheating.
  4. idle as of right now is 50 im playing the game it is about 75
  5. 76 is the highest i have seen the temp go on my gpu. cpu doesnt go above 55
  6. Well, your temps are fine. If all your diagnostics passed, your board/GPU is probably at fault. If it persists through OS installs, you should probably replace them both. You can still try breadboarding the notebook.
  7. so far i have had no problems with it so far i put it to be compatabile with vista sp2 on css and aion i have been playing for 3 hours straight havent gotten it once!
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