[Buisness] Anyone with ISP experience?

Hello everyone so i was here doing a discussion with my brother and some friends about possible buisnes in the Technology world either Computer/Software/Networking. So while all of them where going on about Computer repair or simple networking cunsultation buisness, i drop the bomb what about a little ISP buisness? I mean think about the possibilities right? So i did my research and all but left me with a few blanks... Like for example about how much of an investment we are talking if its just for a little community? Like lets say 300 costumers to start with. What hardware/software are we looking at? All the possibilities, all the things you can tell me about this world it will be much appreciated. I know all buisnesses are volatile, so criticism with no constructive feedback please keep it to yourself. Other than that thanks for taking your time and helping me out.

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  1. I don't have experience in this, ,but mostly just things to think about

    1) Dedicated line install
    2) Monthly costs for said dedicated line
    3) Routing hardware
    4) Metering hardware
    5) Right-of-way to tear up people's lawns to install lines
    6) Installing lines and running to houses
    7) Hardware for the End User
    8) Hardware to maintain your external network

    Lots of up-front capital and probably a few years to get started.
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