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I have a Toshiba NB205 notebook and it does not have a disc drive. I am getting the following message about windows\system32\config\system and can not get past it. The computer will not start in Safe mode. How do I restore it back? It has Windows XP on it.
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  1. RATDAD34, When you say disk drive do you mean optical drive (CD/DVD) ?
    Assuming the computer came from the factory with XP on it this should solve the problem:

    To access the Toshiba recovery partition, power off the laptop. Hold down the 0 (zero) key and turn the laptop on. Keep holding down the zero key until the TOSHIBA logo appears, where you should start tapping the zero key repeatedly. Stop if the unit beeps or when the TOSHIBA logo disappears. The screen should flash ** HDD RECOVERY MODE ** for a split second, then load the Toshiba recovery program right from the hard drive.

    Note that this erases all data, and reloads all factory default software. Be sure to back up all your important personal data beforehand!
    I just had to do this on a 205 with windows 7 starter and it took a long time but worked like a charm!
    Good luck , Josea
  2. I am trying this now and pray it works, my grandson's laptop has windows 7 starter and it went ca pooy and even in safe mode all we get is a black screen with safe mode in each corner, so I tried the zero thing and it is recovering now, so i hope it works, thanks for info
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