5520 display problem

When i turn the laptop on i can hear the fans spinning and the green lightbuld light comes on, but no display on the screen, i have tried a totally new screen but still the same, i have hooked it up to my monitor and still no idea what it could be. Could someone please help me with this problem. Thanks.
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  1. Sounds like your motherboard/GPU is dead. You can try breadboarding the machine to see if you can coax it to work.
  2. how do i breadboard it? could it not be the CMOS battery?
  3. To breadboard it, you need to remove everything from the notebook chassis and power it on with just the motherboard, CPU, and one stick of memory, using an external keyboard and monitor.

    The CMOS battery is only an auxiliary power supply when your notebook has no other power source. Your notebook should function with a dead CMOS battery (or not one at all) so long as it has another power source.
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