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Dear all, I have numbers e. g. 1 to 100 in excel in a particular column. If I remove any number e. g. 13 & keep that cell blank. Further cells should get automatically numbered from 13 onwards. Thanking all & hope to get answer.
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  1. Hi,

    So what I understand is that you start from cell 1 and put 1 in there,
    in the 2nd cell it would be 2 (so you type the 1 number (1 and write "=A1+1") then copy to next cell.

    once you get to number 13, erase it and in the next cell write "=A12+2"), then in next cell write the formula mention above.
    This should give you what you want.

    I can send you an example if you need one just write me a personal message
  2. Looks suspiciously like a homework assignment.

    OP, post your code and we'll critique and give pointers but we will not do your homework for you.
  3. sounds to me like you want to insert a cell at A13 and push cells down, it would look just like deletion and the numbers continuing but it would be done by a different way.
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