Do I need a 'reset fuse' to refill my Samsung ML-2010 toner?

The toner of my Samsung ML-2010 is running out soon. Thus, I plan to refill it myself. I'm wondering if we need a 'reset fuse' to refill it or not. Pls kindly advise.

By the way, where can I buy the refill kit in UK?

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  1. :non: Nops. You don't need to reset such thing or even a reset fuse. You just need a very good quality toner, coz... it can be bad output if you don't use such toner... :)
  2. Demmit is correct! You can purchased high good quality cartridges online.. but be sure you know how to install printer ink cartridges...
  3. check the cartridge for fuse (for your model 100mA). you've got to change it before use the refilled cartridge.

  4. Is it possible to refill cartridge ? I think it is very difficult.
  5. Very easy to refill cartridges. I've done. Follow the following steps. First open the screws on the side of the cartridge that looks the iron plate, on the other side there is only plastic gears. Then open the top of the drum (green), there are filter of toner waste. On the side there is a plastic lid, open the lid, that is where the toner fill, fill to taste. Do not forget to clean the waste toner filter with a brush, careful to keep the green drum is not scratched. Then reinstall the side cover and put screws in all the parts that had been opened. Good luck.
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