Should I buy an iMac or the new Sony Vaio J series?


Help me out on this, should I get an iMac 21.5 or the Sony Vaio J series (touch screen) both are all in one pcs.

Which one would outlast the other in terms of product life? Which one can be better utilized etc?
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  1. The iMac is far superior!
  2. ^I can't believe I'm actually vouching for a mac but in this case its definitely the better buy
  3. I have a iMac 20'' that is over 5 years old, and its still running. I'd definitely get another iMac if I had more money at the moment.

    Get the iMac, you won't be disappointed.
  4. I have the 21.5 iMac i3 and I can run all of my video games and entire adobe mater collection, and on top of that i build in 3Ds Max
  5. Used to be a PC person but I gotta say I love my Imac 21.5
  6. Sorry to be trooling but custom PCs are so much better than the imacs you just need to be pretty good with computers to have fun
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