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Dear Sir,
I purchase a Dell M5040 laptop that unfortunately was not bluetooth enabled. I checked the control panel and it was not installed, thus my problem. The audio On this laptop is terrible, even setting in my lap I can barely hear it. Most of the programs that I listen to is dialogue, but I also have a fair amount of music in my files. I'm in need of a reasonably priced dongle, that will pair with a Creative Labs D80. I'm also in need for a earpiece that won't echo that will filter background noise, that will pair to the aforementioned dongle.I have one last question, is there a signal strength booster for a cell phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Proclaim with Verizon as the carrier, at best I may get four bars, but usually two. In the area where I live, the signal constantly varies, and drops calls. I would GREATLY APPRECIATE any advice that will solve my myriad list of problems.

Thank You,
John Trusty

P.S. I like your smilies. How can I down load them to my Chrome Google account, and to my cell phone?
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  1. I don't know if there's a Bluetooth dongle rated as "best", but I have one of these that has worked very well for me for a few years now.
    Its small size makes it ideal for laptops.
    The smilies are just GIF images and can be saved by right clicking on them.
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