Acer 4720Z (laptop) Unable to boot up.

(this was origionaly posted under Vista general but i think its more relavent here)

Acer 4720Z is unable to boot.
I was cleaning they keys i pushed down on the space bar to set it back into place. i must have pushed too hard or something because the Acer made an ugly buzzing sound gave me a blue screen then shut off. i finished setting my keys up and tryed to reboot, at the first pop up menu (the one that says "windows did not shut down properly" ) i picked "start up normally". about 15 minutes later the entire system froze and i had to power down.
now it dose not give me any user interface at all, only a black screen. the little battery light dose not show up eather, unless i have it pluged in (in wich case it shows orange instead of green). dose anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

Edit: im still a little ifie of wether or not this is a hardware or software issue. if its a software one i just need to get to the Acer screen so i can Alt+F10 and install my restoration CDs. because im positive this happened once before im going with software so, any ideas? there are no wrong ansures... youll get college credit... plz?
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  1. If you press the power button and the screen remains black, and will not POST, then you've a hardware issue. It sounds like you shorted something out when you pressed down. Take off the keyboard and see what's going on under there.
  2. ok, i actually had the thing into a shop already last week. since it's behaveing the ecact same way as before i can only asume it is the same problem. when i was there they sead they found one of the cards had been pushed out a bit and was not makeing proper contact, however the name of that card eludes me now... i wanna say memory card... or system card? im not sure... eather way its right under the area where the space bar is at so if you can think of that particular cards name off the top of your head you gotta be some kinda super hero.

    PS: i have no idea how to take this thing apart other than the fat "T" shaped panell in the back, i dont know how to get the keyboard off without running the rick of breaking something else.
    (basicly picture a caveman with a club next to a computer) <<< thats me...
  3. It could be a lot of different types of boards - notebook manufacturers aren't very standardized in placing components.

    The hardware disassembly guide at the top of this forum should help you get your notebook apart.
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