ok i got this pc just over a year ago it is a packard bell ipower x2.0 gaming pc. So my problem is when i first boot up my computer and start a game it starts to jump and the sound starts to jump and go crackly, then it slowly gets worse and worse then a blue screen pops up crash dumping and restarts my computer, the blue screen says something probably isn't installed correctly. after the computer restarts i play the game again and it works fine i can play all day top specs no problems.

it has done this since the day i bought it and still does it today i found a way to fix it (kind of) when i start my computer if i msconfig then restart is safe mode then back into normal that does the trick and it saves my pc from crashing everytime but i shouldn't need to do this at the end of the day.

i think it is a motherboard or a driver issue as i have i recording program and when i start it on first boot it says it can't record and the drivers are not installed.

i would really love it if someone could help me out it is really starting to grind my gears. ( also i have done a clean install of windows 7 from vista and that hasn't worked either).
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  1. WTF has that got to do with computers never mind what i asked. anyways can anyone help me still looking for help?
  2. Check the event viewer to see the error logged from the BSOD. It should give more details of what is going on.

    Check to see if there is an updated graphics driver.
  3. have the same problem, like you thought it was a driver issue, went as far as installing a creative labs sound card with no joy, up graded to windows 7 like you clean install but still have the same stupid sound glitch on first boot, ive gotten so used to just restarting the pc after it first boots im doing it with every friggin pc i turn on, strange thing is the sound only corrupts on games at first boot, i can watch dvds play music and surf the net with no problem.
  4. hello im new here im just thinking it could be a overheating problem when you play games with high performce pls excuse my spelling your cpu and gpu cant get very hot check your fans and temp of cpu and gpu
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