HDTV or PC monitor?

Hello guys!

I have a dillemma, I'm in the process of buying a new LCD monitor for my computer and thought maybe it

is worth to buy HDTV instead. I would appreciate any input on this question. Is it better to buy HDTV

and use it as a PC monitor or just buy PC monitor and add usb HDTV wave catcher? Primarely I'll be using

PC monitor but its nice to watch Tv too! I'm looking for 22" monitors, nothing crazy.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. It's worth it to buy a 24" computer monitor, don't try to use an HDTV as a monitor. It's worth it to use an internal video card with CATV inputs instead of a USB device. Your video card should be PCI 16X, with at least 500 mb memory and on board GPU. Adding this to an older computer with single core processor will result in sub-standard HDTV performance, which is just a waste of money. (video freezing, jittering, unable to watch full screen)
    Many have tried to add video upgrade to an older computer and realized that it was a mistake. What you really want is a dual or quad core processor, preferably quad core. The older single core processors cannot handle the amount of information.
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