New LCD tv all blurry

I just bought this brand new 37" Dynex LCD tv - 1080p and the picture is all blurry on it. like it's worse then a normal TV ..

I bought this exact one tbh -

anyways, I hooked my ps3 up with the AV cords (red/white/yellow) cords to the TV since I don't have a HD cord yet. and the picture is *** honestly. Now I tried changing the ps3 video settings to 1080p but the screen just goes black then goes back to original settings looking like crap ..

Do I need to buy an HD cord or is there something i'm not setting up correctly to make it look better.

because honestly..ps3 with the same cords looks 100 times better on a non lcd like normal CRT TV.

please help !!
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  1. Go get some HD capable cables (either HDMI or Component). The problem you're seeing is that the A/V cables are only capable of outputting a low resolution. Since your normal CRT TV is only capable of diplaying that low resolution, it looks great there. Your HDTV, however, is taking that low resolution output from your PS3 and trying to display it on a high resolution monitor. That just isn't going to work well.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Spend the 4 bucks and get a HDMI cord, then you can ramp up the resolution. The PS3 should adjust it for you.
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