Windows 7 freezes when downloading/torrent/streaming


I need some help as my Windows 7 Professional keeps freezing randomly whenever I am downloading anything or is Youtube is streamed. I have seen this issue posted on here before and someone mentioned a solution:

Area51reopened 08-22-2011 at 06:27:17 PM


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Try disabling Task Offload. Go to Device Manager, and properties, than Advanced, and turn Task Offload off.

Try this ^

But I don't see an 'properties' option when I get into the Device Manager. Please could someone guide me step by step?

Thank you so much. This is getting really annoying with the freezes and I am at the end of my tether..
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  1. in device manager, expand network adapters, right click on the one you use and click properties. FollowArea51's instructions from there.
  2. I am using Dell Wireless 1515 Wireles-N Adapter and when I right click on it and go to properties, there is no such thing as Task Offload :(

    I am using a Dell Studio XPS 13 laptop. If that helps at all?
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