Whats better in a laptop more memory or tv-out?

I want to buy a laptop. Either the HP DV6-2010sa, or the Packard Bell TJ65-AU-031. Both are the same price. However, the HP has better multi-tasking features and is newer, with the DDR3 Memory (3GB MB) ands 250 GB Hard-drive. And the Packard Bell has 4GB MB memory with 320GB Harddrive. Both are on Windows 7. Which one is worth investing my money in as a student? Im interested in fast speeds and entertainment,
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  1. and me not being a computer expert, makes it kind of tricky to decide on which laptop, here is a list of what i want to have and be able to do;

    -i often connect my iphone up, download new music and play it, have about 200 songs and counting
    -i am always on the internet i have about an average of 5 tabs open on it (youtube,hotmail etc.)
    -i have windows live messenger open all the time and about an average of 3 tabs open from that
    - i have about one word document or powerpoint open as well at least
    -i am on my laptop for about 6 hours a day weekdays and about 12 hours on saturdays and sundays
    -i have wireless internet and printer
    - i like not to be charging my computer while i am using it, one thing i have to do with my current laptop
    - it will have to have windows 7 operating system
    -i would like it to be fast, especially with all the applications i run
    - i like to download movies and watch them, hence why i want the tv-out to plug it into my TV.
    dont play games on my laptop really, the occasional online game though
    - must have an optical drive re-writeable preferably
    - i run the odd application like paint or adobe once in a while

    If the HP can handle all of this, i think that it would be my choice. Do you think it can?
    so which laptop out of the 2 would best suit my needs ?
  2. i've been looking at exactually the same 2 today!!! and decided on the packard bell, haven't got it yet but.... it's got better battery life, is thinner, better RAM, quicker processer, higher quality webcam, and generally looks bettter! If i was u i would get the packard bell, thats what i did!!!
    Hope this helps!
  3. For your uses, you won't notice a difference between the two notebooks (in terms of performance). In that case, evaluate each notebook based on battery life and output (since you want that) alone.
  4. what about for my uses... general home use but i would use it for music production and a lot of music use... if not any recommendations on a laptop that would suit me under £500?
  5. allsoppy5, you'll get a better reply if you make your own thread and fill out the FAQ at the top of the forum.
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