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I need to convert the dvi and 3.5mm audio from a MacBook into a single HDMI (to carry video & audio in one). I found some adapters that are more like switches and cost $100 - $300. Has anyone seen a single cable with HDMI on one end and DVI & 3.5 mm audio on the other end? Does anyone know of a cheaper solution?
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  1. I'm also okay with a converter box (if it's small). Enjoy the ascii

    DVI in
    ::::::::::::::::::::::[]-------HDMI (with audio) out
    3.5mm audio in

    sorry, got carried away with the art. Anyway, that's what I need. single cable or box

  2. BUMP?
  3. Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
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    Hmm...this is an odd one...

    The main issue is that 3.5mm = analog, and DVI = Digital, so I doubt many converters exist that take in both at the same time. Best be is probably a reciever, where you do:

    3.5mm -> Reciever (audio)
    DVI -> HDMI -> Reciever (video)
    Reciever -> HDMI -> Output Device (combined A/V stream?)
  5. My boss wants to hook his MacBook up to a TV at his house for meetings. I assumed the easiest thing would be a 50' HDMI cable that from the TV to some converter box where he could plug in DVI and 3.5mm audio from the MacBook.

    DVI cable
    MB ::::::::::: Converter <-- HDMI cable (A/V) --> TV
    3.5mm audio

    Does anyone know of an affordable converter? Are there any glaring problems with this setup?
  6. Here's the closest thing I've found: @ $36 it's not a bad option. I'm not sure 25 feet is long enough though. Would patching an extra hdmi and aduio cable on to this hurt sound/video quality. If I use extra cables to patch onto this one do you think I should just go with a 50ft HDMI to DVI and 50ft RCA to 3.5mm instead?

    Here's an ideal solution (I think): But, @ $400, who's gonna buy it except some pro Audio tech.?

    Anyone know of a more affordable converter?
  7. I haven't seen any...there are very few converters that will take in 2 signals, one analog and the other digital; you see analog->digital and digital->analog, but not many that take in one of each...
  8. I'm gonna call this one answered:

    option 1:
    DVI to HDMI cable and headphone to RCA cable directly from computer to TV

    option 2:
    DVI cable and headphone cable from computer to
    crazy-expensive, small converter box
    HDMI cable from box to TV

    option 3 (if you can afford to set up close to your TV):
    same as option 2, just replace "crazy-expensive, small converter box" with "moderately priced receiver"

    Thanks for the guidance, gamerk316.
  9. Yeah, this was an odd one; oddest setup I ever tried was a VGA converter for the Wii (my moniter has no RCA inputs), and a RCA->AC97 converter jack to my soundcard.

    The only thing to watch for, is that most TV's have a seperate input for HDMI where the audio is EXPECTED to be carried with the signal. Most TV's won't let the user select an audio channel. [Example: My TV takes DVI input as its PC in, but MUST take SPDIF to get any sound...]

    On second thought...*slaps head*, if you can find a VGA/3.5mm -> HDMI converter, you could try converting the DVI to VGA...I'd imagine those are easier to find, and a bit cheaper to boot...

    Again, this is simply one you don't see to often...
  10. Thanks

    I found a VGA & 3.5mm to HDMI converter for cheap! The only thing that concerns me is video quality. Do you know how it would be affected when going from VGA to HDMI? Also do you know if this would allow HDCP content to play?
  11. Basically, you might lose some sharpness, but otherwise you should be good.

    ...VGA CAN transport 1080p...i think...(might want to double check that though...).
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