audigy4 vs audigy 2

I checked the last 15 pages of posts didnt see anything.I am just curios what are the differences between the two cards other than price?I wanna get the audigy 4 but can more likely afford the audigy 2 while i usually buy what i cant afford and rough it lol.please help me make a decision around 280 is a lot of money for a sound card i also ordered logitech z-5500 yesterday.I am looking for the best sound card for games and dvd,music.i dont do to much other than listen to music watch dvds and play games i would like however to be able to fine tune the sound as far as music editing but i would like to have the ability to do so.

pentium 4 3.2
oczpc3500 el ddr platinum matched ddr433
western digital raptor 74 gig 10k rpm
8knxp gigabyte
geforce 4 titanium 4600(i know get a faster card)soon!
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    32bit vrs 24bit dsp
    113db snr vrs 108
    Is the a4 better newer and nicer, yes, slightly, I have it and like it, is it worth the extra money?-maybe it depends how much a slightly better sound is worth to you.
    The xfi is coming out soon you might want to wait for that, and decide then
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