ACER ASPIRE 5536G - Not Booting

I have bought an ACER ASPIRE 5536G and flash the bios from it's old 1.04 to the newest 1.08 downloaded frm ACER website and making a bootable USB Pendrive. Process went well and at the end it said press any key to restart the laptop. Well, i pressed it, switched it on, power button is on, drive spins a couple of times, but screen remains black and no beeping noises no nothing.

I've tried the CRISIS Recovery utility that came with the downloaded bios, installed it on the same usb stick ( after formatting to FAT) but the laptop won't recover. It loads something from USB Stick when I switch the laptop on with the stick inside, but after couple of minutes it stops loading and nothing happens.

Any ideas? I've heard a lot about having to use SPECIFICALLY a USB Floppy drive to make this work, others said you can virtually make a floppy and burn it on a cd or make the usb stick bootable, but nothing worked as far as the normal usb stick with the Crisis installed inside it.

Don't know what keys to press, if there is a step by step guide, maybe every acer laptop as it's own procedure. ACER tech was of no particular help either.

Help guys please, I haven't even used the laptop for 24hrs before breaking it :(
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  1. Nothing ?? Come on guys please :(
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