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I have a sony blu ray player that is not working. It will play DVD's fine but will not play the blu rays i just rented, and it also won't play any of the blu rays I own anymore. It will either not load the disc at all or will start and then freeze up?
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  1. ok then a firmware update is required in that case

    ask yourself if you know what a firmware update is if you dont know well you have not made any, so call sony and get the firmware update also it might be a reset of the unit that might be required on this case

    if the disc that you have rented are one of the latest ones well maybe it wont play, but if the unit can play older BD movies it is an update, if the unit can not read any BD movie at all the issue might be solved by getting the update but most likely it will require service if is only playing DVDs
  2. firmware update may help but I learned quick that the stand alone players are no match for a drive in a pc hooked up to your HD LCD TV via HDMI...
  3. If the firmware does not correct your issue, it's time to look for warranty service. Normally there are separate red and blue laser devices to read both formats, and your blue laser pickup may be shot.
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