Hy all,sorry if this was already answered i searched the forum but didnt find the answer.
What i try to achieve is to connect my mediabox (which has HDMI output) to my LG 22" monitor (which has only VGA input)
I already have a DVI-I (male) to vga (female) adapter which works fine (from video card to monitor).
My question is can i use double adapters like :
- media box -> HDMI (male) to DVI-I (female) ->DVI-I (male) to VGA (female) -> monitor VGA (male) ?

In theory it should work but i did buy today a HDMI to DVI-I connecter but when i opened it up it was DVI-D it costed me 11$ :sweat: so no more costy theory :)) can someone tell me if it's working or im trying something impossible?
Thank you for your time
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  1. My understanding is VGA is an analog signal. To get the benefits you will need a costly converter box.

    Something like this:

  2. There are three types of DVI connections: DVI-Digital, DVI-Analog, and DVI-Integrated.
    Try this link>
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