DVD-ROM Failing

Just recently I purchased a Sony 16X DVD-ROM off of newegg. It was working fine up until a few days ago when it decided to stop reading DVD dics, CR-R/RW discs, game and application discs. It will read audio discs however.

I tried new cables, different power connector... but same deal. I replace it with a CD-ROM drive and that worked. I placed the DVD-ROM into my second PC and it worked fine.

It's strange, when I place the CD in the drive, the LED would flash and I can hear the CD being read, but then all of a sudden it dies down and does nothing, then my PC freezes. Sometimes i'll get a error, but I wasnt too bright enough to right it down. Recently i've been getting too frustrated by waiting and i'd end up powering it off.

I tried reformating but that didnt help. Maybe it's conflicting with my other hardware? If so, why would it now and not when I first installed it?

I'd appreciate any help I can get. Thanks in advanced!


CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.2C 3200MHz @ 3680MHz
Motherboard: Asus P4C800-E Deluxe
Memory: 1024 MB of Crucial PC3200 DDR @ 460Mhz (Dual Channel)
Video Card: Sapphire X850XT PE AGP ATI Radeon
Hard Drive: 2 x WD S-ATA (RAID 0 config) Model WD800JD 160.0 GB @ 7200 RPMS
Additional Hard Drives: 2 x 80GB WD P-ATA 7200 RPM drives (RAID 0 config)
Monitor: Dell Ultrasharp 1905FP
Additional Monitors: 19" Sony Trinitron
DVD R/W: Sony DW-D26A
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaser PCI512
Speakers: Logitech Z560
Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP1
Other Components: ENERMAX 600W Noisetaker PSU
Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4 CPU cooler
Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 5 Rev2 VGA Cooler
Aerocool Turbine 3000 Case w/ 80mm Aerocool rear exhaust fan
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  1. Why? I don't have a clue, its probably just a lemon is it still under warranty? I had a DVDROM drive do exactly the same thing, stopped reading DVD disks but would still read CD disks, unfortunately that drive did exactly the same thing in another computer I tried it in, but at least you got yours to work in the second PC!

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