Desktop under $400

Plan on buying a desktop for my wife to use at her real estate office. She already got a laptop but she is tire of dragging it around daily.

Nothing fancy...just enough to surf the web & run the MS suite.

I also saw some refurbished desktops at Micro-Center for under $ it worth the risk?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Check out or You can search for Desktop PC's and get a list of them. Then you can narrow your search based on price. Both websites are rated at the top 1 and 2 websites for electronics in one of the Consumer Reports magazine.

    As for "refurbished". be very careful. Check the warranties carried by the seller, and make sure there is some kind of return policy. Sometimes these are great for cheap but good computers... other times... a nightmare. Additionally, make sure that the computer is wiped and either given to you (after telling you) with a blank ready to use hard drive, or freshly installed operating system.
  2. An Atom platform would do just fine. It will cost around 250 with a cheap case+PSU,1-2GB RAM,small capacity HDD and a DVD ROM. You can use the rest to buy a generic LCD monitor.
  3. I wouldn't get a atom CPU myself... they are just a bit slow even when just using IE. I would make sure to get a base CPU and a decent video card. Refurbs can be good if you make sure to get a warranty with them.
  4. buy a emachine or something from walmart man like 299 upgrade your ram or video card will be totally good for her under 400 bucks really
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