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My Sony Handycam CCD-TRV408E N50 has stopped working. When I put a cassette in the cassette compartment it makes a few small beeping noises and the compartment won't got downwards and back into place. The camera then ejects the cassette, so I am unable to play a tape or record any new video. Any advice?
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  1. Try rewinding or forwarding the tape with a rewinder then insert it again. Never force the tape to go in.
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    Hello, Jackos i think your your Sony Handycam battery might have some problem . you need to check you battery and try to fix it again . if that not works you definitely have problem in your battery it might have dad . if your
    Handycam has 'battery' problem than i can give you one site which provide
    handycam battery . and at this moment i think is the best way to help you out . You can check your sony handycam model no at :

    i think this might help your problem.
  3. Thanks for all your help dEAne and batteryjp, much appreciated.
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