Need Help Choosing A Reciver

I am going to buy a set of floor speakers SS-F7000 sonys and a sa-w3000 powered sony sub

I am looking to spend around 200-250 on a reciver i am looking at the

i need one that has at least 2 hdmi In s and 1 out that can accpet sound via hdmi cable. i also want one that has the out put for a powered sub like the one i am looking at.

I just want to see what the best idea for a reciver i should get is please post thanks
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  1. On that budget, your choice really is pretty good. Pioneer is a stereo company, and Sony is a TV company. Being a Sony receiver is risky at worst, and disappointing at best. I'd say give it a try. You won't find those decoders for that price in too many other places.
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