Why do general people take pictures of the back house?

We seen a person from our back yard yestersday taking a pictures of the back of the house. Were wondering what this could be?
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  1. Property tax surveyor comes to mind.
  2. That came across my mine first but after thinking about it. The moment I seen this person from inside my kitchen window he didn't seem well dressed as in a suite or tie but in jeans and a loud top and that when he noticed me watching him he turn and when to the side of the tree where it would be harder for me to watch him.
    Just makes me wonder what his intension are.
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    Ground floor grunts are not always dressed well, especially when they are hopping around yards.

    But stay vigilant.
  4. That makes sense about they being not dress well...I also will be vigilant too.
    Thanks for placing me at rest with this!
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