Canon iP4000 CD Printing Problem

I’ve got a problem printing on CDs with Canon iP4000 using CD-LabelPrint (I'm running XP): Instead of being drawn into the printer, the label tray is ejected. I've tried reinstalling the driver and associated programs (incl. CD-LabelPrint). I can print on CDs using an iP4300 but not with iP4000. I've done a print head realignment. I used to be able to print CDs using either the iP4000 and iP4300. The iP4000 problem has occurred since I replaced my 80GB and 17GB HDDs with 160GB and 320 GB HDDs and reinstalled everything; but I don't think this caused the problem; everything else works OK. I can print to paper with the iP4000.

I’ve tried clicking on “Print” before inserting the tray (as one of the boxes suggests) but tray is still ejected.

I’ve done a sensor test: result “CDR SENSOR=OK”.

I’ve tried swapping over the CD trays between the iP4300 (“F” tray) and the iP4000 (“B” tray) but this doesn’t help.

It may have been caused by an accident when I was replacing a number of ink tanks: when I was replacing the yellow ink tank, the carriage for some reason started moving to the left before I could get the tank fully into place and the partially-in ink tank hit the left hand end of the space and there was a grinding noise. The printer seems to still work OK other than for printing on CDs. When the lid is opened, the carriage stops in the middle of its run instead of slightly towards the right, as previously. Maybe the accident may have caused a synchronization problem between the print head and the CD tray.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide,

Sydney, Australia
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  1. Hi Clint,

    I have EXACTLY the same problem. It only happened recently. Looking at the Cannon website, it suggests that the CD/DVD Disk is not 'installed' correctly in the 'B' tray, or the disk is not ink jet compatible. Neither of these suggestions are helpful as I KNOW the disk is in the B tray correctly and had no problem printing on other Verbatim DVD-R disks from the same pack a while ago. Oh, and here's the rub. I haven't changed ANYTHING else or had other printer changes/issues.

    Did you eventually find a solution?

    I looked at the Cannon website, expecting an online support email address, and there wasn't one. How silly of me! :pfff:

    Mount Barker
  2. hi guys, I'm here because of my own problems! But I too did get problem whilst replacing ink tank, I must have been lucky because I did not have your problem although I too caught the carriage after being too slow to change the cartridge, Now I don't open the top anymore to replace them. My only suggestion is useless as you already found out you should insert the cd after you are prompted to.
    As for me I spent the whole afternoon cleaning after cleanings to print a couple of cd and it's been from bad to worth all I got now it's a greenish print out for colours. When I started I had all the colours but the light blue. Strange because so far the red was giving me trouble and needed a couple of cleaning when not used for a while. Now (that is NOW!) even if i make my whole test page all red it print greenish? (I have made a page with 4 lines paragraph in words made to different colours close to the test patern and can change it to any colour i want to test but I don't save the document to keep it multicolour ) .I wonder if this is the end of my 4000, if it is I will miss it very much!
    I wish you luck with your problem, may be you should try other forum just in case.

  3. April o9! I forgot to look at the date :)))
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