Why would a camera memory card be blocked from a camera

Hello,We were going to S.C. and my memory card was full. Didn't have time to transfer pictures so my daughter gave me her card. Got on the plane, landed, went to take my first shot with my Canon camera and it said memory card locked? Tried for hours to fix it. Took it to a CVS store and before I purchased a new card the manager installed it for me and got the same message. He couldn't fix it. Got the camera back home. Installed the card I had in it. Snapped a picture and it worked?. What is wrong with my camera?
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  1. Did you check at the side of the sim card? there is a small black thing that you can slide - so that it's open or to lock it.
    The problem is not with the camera.
    I had it a few times already that it got locked by mistake
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