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I have a mentally challenged sister that has an overabundance of VHS tapes, which she insists on keeping with the hope of converting them to DVDs. I would like to surprise her for Xmas. She cannot operate a PC, but it would be nice to encourage some type of independence. Is there any way possible to convert VHS tapes to DVDs without using a PC?
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  1. There are freestanding VHS players with a built in DVD recorder -- no PC necessary.

    This is just the first site that Google produced -- I'd have a look on Amazon or a reputable shop:
  2. I have tried that too - as per request of my grandma to preserve our ancestral documentary tapes. I think that is "thermaphil" brand without PC converting VHS to DVD but the quality is not really that good.

    I have tried Honestech instead, maybe you could read this link>
  3. i make use of any dvd converter to make my dream come true. it's very easy to use! :kaola:
  4. VCR to DVD converter software download from the Internet and follow the step by step instructions. Vhstodvd site is good the software.
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