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Dvd sticks

Why does dvd's stick when you play them back after a recording something?
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    What do you mean by "stick" - playback stops? Is this a computer DVD-writer, a standalone recorder, or what? If a computer drive, what software are you using to burn the disc?

    I usually use Nero 9 to burn DVD-R or DVD+R discs, and set the "verify recording" checkbox. I also use the Taiyo Uden discs (sold under the Verbatim label as well as others) which historically are one of the better grades of media.

    You also might try a firmware update for your drive, reduce the writing speed, etc.

    If you're burning discs on the PC and then playing back in an older standalone player, you might have some trouble since recordable discs have less of a reflectivity ratio between the "pits" & "lands" of a manufactured DVD-ROM disc, as recordable discs use a dye that the write laser can change the reflectance when writing a "pit". The original DVD standalone player specification did not account for recordable discs so they are kinda unpredictable when playing same. And they also probably don't support a firmware update so you're SOL if using one of those. But new standalones are really cheap nowadays.

    The problem is even worse if you are using rewritable discs.
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