Nvidia 260m vs 260 gtx

I have a question, what's the diference between this two, going to the performance, because I have a friend with a laptop and 260m and I have my destcop with 260gtx, is it the same in performance, or mine is a little better???
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  1. The 260m does not in any way resemble the GT260. In fact, it's not even a GT200 chip - it's a modified 9800 series. The GT200 series were too power-hungry to fit in notebooks. The notebook 260 doesn't stand up to the performance of it's desktop brother that bears its name.
  2. ^pretty much what frozen said. I would just like to add the the GTX 260m in the laptop will perform similarly to a desktop 9800GTX. So it will be a decent card, just not quite as good as the one in your desktop.
  3. Thank you guys, I was geting sad having a destcop with a laptop carateristics.

    Destcop: core2 quad 6600 2.5ghz| 8gb ram ocz ddr2 800mhz| Nvidia nForce 780i motherboard| seagate 500gb 7200rpm HDD| 260gtx 896mb| asus H243H 24'' 1080p monitor| Cooler Master case
  4. What they tend to do is this:
    The GTX 280m=8800GTX
    Why? Because a GTX 280 is a high end card in desktops.
    That 8800GTX should be a high end card for a laptop.

    Its just the game of renaming and comparing
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