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I was wondering if there is a program for a pc that will let me record shows that are streaming live on the web.
I watch tv over the internet and i work a lot so im not home at the times the shows that i want to watch are running.
I have a toshiba satellite Ti35d-S1324 with a hdmi output witch is connected to a vizio hd tv via hdmi cable.
I heard of a program called SnapStream media but i dont think it is what im looking for if any 1 has any suggestion plz let me know

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  1. depends on the stream, if it is like a flash based stream, those are pretty well locked down.
    VLC player can capture a stream, but your need to know the path of the stream. Some stream your can right click on the video and go to properties and it will tell you the path where the steam is.

    VLC player is a little confusing to use but they have a some tutorials on there websight
  2. thank u im familiar with VLC player just didnt know it could do that. :) THANK U FOR THE INFO
  3. Also you can look at Microsoft media encoder ( it is also free)

    I know it can send out video streams, but I think there is also a capture stream aswell. But I am not sure about this.
  4. thank u i will look in to that
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