HP 8510p Screen/Display problems


I need help with this problem please, I have searched the internet with no info on this.

The screen has a fading and very slow response when switched on. If I use the HD-out it displays fine on my external monitor. I have replaced the inverter for the screen but with not luck.

Please advise if anyone else have had this problem and how to resolve

Notice the big white border on the edges

The Picture below shows how long menus stay on the screen even when its not supposed to be there, almost like a burned in image although it disappears after a minute or so.

A very faded messed up display during a windows install - Have to use external monitor
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  1. HI!

    I have exactly the same problem, i opened my laptop, to fix my dc plug, after i put together the laptop, happend the same, if i moving my monitor sometimes my screen is okay, but just for a while.
    Did u find any solution? probably some cabel, or i have no idea what else could be, but i can't do anything with it, and as you wrote it, no info on the net....

  2. I evenmade a video...


    If somebody can tell me a solution, please help...

    By the way i checked cabels, plugs, everything...something with the lacd, but i don't know what:(
  3. Same problem here - did you ever find a solution?
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