My video card is dead in my laptop, Can I use an external?

My Laptop's video card died, when I start the system it beeps at me, and there is nothing on the screen.
If I hit enter I can hear windows starting up. I have tried hooking it up through dvi and s-video, and there is still no video. I have seen there are USB external video cards, are there any external video cards that are plug and play? Because it would be hard for me to install the driver disc without being able to see, and without being able to log in.

I have owned the laptop for 3 years so the cost of fixing it will be out of my pocket and I'd prefer a new laptop to that.

The only reason I want to have video is so I can extract all my pictures and videos that are on the HDD.

Any solutions or suggestions?
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  1. Did you use a fn+ key comination (usually fn+ F5 or F7) to enable output when you used the DVI connection?

    Unfortunately, there really are no plug+play cards. They're too expensive for their actual worth anyway.

    The best way to get at your files is to take out your hard disk and plug it into another computer, either through motherboard connections on that machine or through an external interface.
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