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Looking for a Christmas present for my wife. I would like to get a GPS for her car (she is a traveling local photographer). There are a lot of choises out there and I dont have time to read all of the consumer reviews. Based on what few things I have seen, Garmin is the choice brand but that may not be so. Looking to spend less than $200.00 for the device and lifetime map updates. More features = good. Need an expert! Thanks!
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  1. Ok, after reading around I am not sure that 'lifetime maps' is needed. Most people I heard, do not update their GPSs at all because it not only does not make that big of a difference and in a lot of cases you can purchase a brand new GPS for the price of a map update. I suppose if I left out the map updates I could get a much nicer GPS anyway. Advice on this?
  2. Garmin is very good but not the price.
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