Resetting CMOS on Asus Aspire Notebook

While setting up an asus aspire one netbook for a friend as a work computer, I added a boot password for extra security.

I'm not sure why, but now the system does not register that password as correct. Looking around online, there's mention of a bug in the bios cocnerning these passwords. If anyone could shed light on this I'd be greatful, but my biggest concern is restoring the CMOS to it's factory settings and removing the password so she can actually use her netbook!

A software solution would be nice, but remember I can't access the HDD or change the boot order. I'm not afraid of opening the system up, but I don't have a fine screwdriver for removing one of the very fiddly screws under the keyboard (but if it comes to that, I'll buy one).

So, can anyone offer any assistance? Just to recap, I need to remove the boot password on the CMOS of an asus aspire one netbook.

Thanks to all.
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  1. It may seem a little stupid but my farther recently did the same thing and for some reason the boot password needed to be entered in caps. so give that a try. Hope that helps.
  2. XD Typical! I just finished taking it apart to yank out the battery! If that doesn't work, I'll try entering it all in caps. Thanks for the info.
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