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Hello to all,

My laptops about a year and a few months old, it has always been a bit of a nag, with small problems all along. Last week, It went dead and would not start.

Let me elaborate -

I started the laptop, which was working fine upto a couple of hours back during which I was having a quick evening nap, and I logged into windows, and it hung up. After a few minutes I restarted and it refused to start. All the lights went on, the media panel lights, the power light, WiFi light. The HDD light dint turn on though. The fan was spinning, and there were no beeps. And even the HP screen wasn't coming on. So there was no way for me to run BIOS as well.

My initial though was there might be somthing wrong with the RAM, so I Swapped the RAM chips and tried them seprately, and tried reconnecting the HDD, but nothing happened, So I gave up and decided it was time to buy a new laptop. The next day before going laptop shopping, I decided to have one go on the power button and it started up.

It was dead slow though. I finally got it up and running to a bit better speed by disabling Aero and other features, and got my back up first, I later found that the RAM the comp was running on is only 1GB instead of 4GB. Meanwhile a my screen had been flickering, It goes dim and back up bring in a flickering fashion, so this might suggest there might be something wrong with the connection ribbon, as sometimes by repositioning the screen it used to stop, but only at times.

One of my relatives suggested, that this might be a battery issue, so iv been running the laptop of the mains ever since, but the screen issue has not gone.

Before all this happened, I had one more problem that, in recent months everytime i connected my laptop to the tele via HDMI it used to crash with a blue screen error.

As all of these parts revolve around the Motherboard, I suspect it might be the main culprit, but I might be wrong, So what do you think is wrong and is it worth repairing or should I go in for a new one.

And on that topic what new laptop would you suggest. I am thinking of a MacBook Pro, as they are dead reliable and can run windows and look nice as hell.

My main need, revolve around my University use, hence portability is needed, might not have to be a extremely portable.

I do not game a lot, I like to play games, but I simply dont have the time to play, but at times I do like to play some NFS or Test Drive or GTA San Andreas to get the edge off.

I do watch movies a lot, and listen to music. I do tend to run a lot of programs at the same time as well. My budget tops at 800 pounds.

Not to bothered about battery life, though I would love it be about 3hrs.

I prefer about 13-15 inch. lapotps. but not netbooks, I like to have a internal DVD-ROM bay.

Also, With Core i5, soon to be hitting Laptops, would you think its advisable to wait for it, or just better of to get a C2D or C2Q.

Oh and I live in the UK.

No preference, for where to buy it from, but I rather get it from the Company website, as I may get a good student disc.
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  1. I forgot to say, I have checked around for a Motherboard and I can buy a used one of eBay for about 90 pounds + shipping + (Possible) Duty + Fixing charges.
  2. come on guys....
  3. hey I do have the same problem. Everything is working but no display.. I went to their service center and they told me they need to replace the motherboard when I asked whats the prb in motherboard then he told me nVidia GPU is gone. Now the whole world knows that they have put faulty GPU in the laptop but they are not willing to give any repair fe of cost.

    They want me to pay them 20000 to replace the motherboard.
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