22" 24" Picture?

Hi, I have a LG W2252TQ 22" monitor. And got it because it was good for gaming looks like one of the best (the case/finish) and it was quite cheap.

$325 NZ dollars
$550-650 for a 24" in NZ

My question is do things like games and what ever look better on a 22" or a 24" in relation to picture and sharpness (the actual look from the pixels.

The reason why I also stuck with a 22" was because it would run fine of a 512mb graphics card and with a 24" I would have to spend another $100 here in NZ to get a 1GB version. (therefor the 24" is costing me more in graphics cards.)

So does the picture look better on a 22" 1650x1050 or a 24" 1920x 1200

I would think that the resolution would need to be higher on a 24" to support for the bigger screen size (the extra 2") But is it more then this bigger screen size, if you know what i mean. Does it look more sharper then the 22"?

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  1. Would u mean the graphics card would like to need have for example 1500 processes over say 1000. or like DDR5 instead of DDR3 (just an example, increaseing the cost.) And even though graphic cards are getting better each year then it would be no problem to run 1920x1200 fine but games are getting more demanding so you are back to sqaure one.

    Ok so Typically the higher the resolution the better. But how much pixels are left over to fill in the gap of the extra 2"? I would assume that the higher resolution would make an area more dense with pixels?

    Is this correct. 1920x1200 - 1650x1050 = 2304000 - 1732500 = 571500 so a 24" over a 22" has 571500 more pixels. My question is how much actuall pixels is required to fill in the extra 2" on the 24" and how many pixels are then put back into the whole screen. If you know what i mean.

    1lus is it recommended to play on a 24" over a 22" as it will start to stretch a persons viewing, therefore they will need to turn there neck every time looking from left to right?
  2. The pixels size are different among the display. Some 22" can do 1920x1200. A higher resolution display yield more details. Games aren't getting that more demanding in relation to the progression of the video card and the eye's perception. A pơor graphic engine aka crysis will demand more from the video card. A beefier video card is require for higher resolution because there is more pixels/polygon to render. The larger display is better only in one perception. There are advantage on the higher resolution when playing FPS games: accuracy, larger viewing area, and viewing distance is extended. If the latter can be achieved on a frame rate of greater than 60 then you have an advantage on the other players.

    You have the answer to the question of pixels 22"vs 24".
  3. How does a 24" over a 22" give more accuracry. Is it because it has more pixels per inch? cause a 24" has 4 more pixels per inch. BUT can we really notice this increase?

    Dont you mean any monitor will have better accuracy over another if if has a higher resolution on a screen say 17" compared to a lower resolution on the same 17" Because going from a 22" to a 24" you are increasing the resolution, but also increasing the screen size making it near the same accuracy. (one will have a tiny tiny advangtage.) Am I correct?

    Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dot_pitch

    And lastly which gives the better picture/sharpness. Is it better to have high or low pixel pitch? And pixels per inch just depend on the monitor size?

    Also how can they define high definition 1920x1080 when that resolution will look better on a 22" then a 40" if looking from the same distance. There fore arnt all screens basically give the same picture if u dont look at the extreme cases.

    Thanks for the explaintations.
  4. Bingy,

    Having greater resolution even if the screen size is fixed gives a true an advantage.

    With better resolution you can read text even if it is smaller. You can fit two browsers side to side and browse web comfortably.

    In games, you can have advantage of either broader view so you can notice more. Although everything is smaller (when the screen size is fixed) there is more details and trust me: if your eyes are just fine then you will be capable to appreciate them.
    Anyway, you are going for a bigger screen.

    Another option is that your game will keep the view constant but will bring more details. You will notice danger quicker because it will be displayed sharper even if it is far away.

    Well on 40" with 1920x1080 resolution from close distance you start actually seing individual pixels, so sharp edges may not seem smooth.

    Just 2 notes: these days there are many 1920x1080 displays advertised as 24".
    When reading spec more closely or measuring them they reveal as 23.5".
    1920x1080 23.5" has actually smaller pixels then 22" 1650x1050. It is wider of about 46mm, but lower 4mm has in fact just 8% bigger screen surface and has awkward proportions.
    Just make sure you buy proper 1920x1200 24" monitor, which is 43mm wider, 30mm higher, has 19% bigger screen and the same proportions as 1680x1050 22" monitor.
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