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Dear Readers,

I'd like to ask advice on Digital Recorders and what will ultimately work for Recording an Opera Singers voice.
I have many Rehearsals and Voice lessions and would like to record these in order to listen to them and learn faster.
What would be the right course of action for me? I'm a total novice when it comes to Digital Recorders for Voice, would I need to buy an extra microphone?
The rooms where I rehearse are luckily quite big and has natural reverb, also the Pianos are normally of excellent quality.

Many thanks for your advice,
I'll look out for it!
VivaDaDiva x
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  1. Try something like the Tascam DR-07 or if you have an ipod the Alesis ProTrack.

    These are portable field recorders. Excellent stereo sound quality and no need for other technology. just find a good placement for them to capture the essence of the room, your vocals with the piano. You can put the tracks you record right onto a computer and do with as you please, whether that be edit them with a program or just burn them to CD.
  2. Thank you so much!
    I'll get searching for this model, hopefully i'll not have much hassle finding it online :-)
    Thanks again,
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