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Hello, has taken over as my homepage/ search engine. I went to tools, options, and found that it is greyed out. What can I do?
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  1. do anti-virus, anti-malware scan.
  2. Second idea - See if there is something in your programs list that looks like it you can uninstall. If nothing obvious pops up there, a free program like ccleaner (reputable) will help you see if there are any startup programs running that are making this more difficult for you.
  3. Sound like a Group Policy setting to me.
    To check your local group policy setting follow the following steps;
    Starrt - Run - Type 'GPEDIT.MSC' - Navigate to the following section in the left hand side 'User Configuration\Administrive Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer' and on the right hand side you will see a setting called 'Disable changing homepage settings' if this is 'enabled' then double click and change to 'not configured' else post back for more ideas.
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