What's a good pair of headphones for snowboarding/skiing?

I've read from other forms and they suggest skull candy... Well I'm not a big fan of them. I want to save the hassle of buying a set of headphones and having to ship them back because they fit too loosely or snap at anything more than sitting use. Not looking for some crazy expensive set of Koss or Sennheiser. I already have the HD 555 for home use. I'm really interested if any one here actually skis or snowboards to tell me what they think about this. Need a pair of on ear headphones than aren't gonna sound as bad as say apple earbuds but are cheap. Cheap being $50 or less. Earbuds just won't do. Uncomfortable with gear on and fall out often.
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  1. Skull Candy is okay - I suggest you try them personally not just appreciate them on-line.
    You can look for an item on-line then find them in your local shops.

  2. dnt get skull candy, they mess up 2 quickly and dont last when being bashed around. :non: i use a pair of decent dj head phones from sony or panosonic , theyre heavy duty well made,stylish, good sound and dnt braked easily as i have landed on mine skateboarding at least 50times and thyre still fine. and i imagine the snow would be easier on them than concrete. GET DJ ONES!!!
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