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How many ways can I record PC games [d3d,openl]

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
July 28, 2005 8:12:30 PM

I've made many pc game videos. Videos such as cs 1.6 videos, cs:s videos, hl2dm, and a few others. So far, I have just recorded demos with ingame demo creators and then I would go back and then view the demo and use Fraps to record the footage and then import the fraps'd avi's into windows movie maker. Is there any other good way to record PC games, or a way to record the image the monitor receives, or anything? Using Fraps hurts performace too much, I was thinking there could be a way to use another computer to record somehow...and possibly even use it for consoles, or upcoming consoles like the xbox360.

I'm really not sure what category I should have put this post in....any comments are appreciated.
July 29, 2005 1:10:21 PM

Nowadays this would be a low tech solution but I used to record using a SVHS output on the video card into a SVHS VCR. hehe

I know that doesnt really help you, but I think you could output the video signal to another computer.

the Prisoner

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August 1, 2005 2:12:01 AM

if i could indeed use another computer to accept the a) VGA data going to my motherboard (that isn't the right lingo, please tell me if you know) or b) another computer to ...I guess receive all of the direct 3d/opengl data and then compile it on either my computer or that other computer. Any ideas?
August 1, 2005 4:07:44 AM

I don't know. If thier is a video card (Like have two VGA or outputs or DVIs.) that will be able to output to another computer. I don't know if it will work. Their probably is a video card like a Matrox that can do it. They are not good for gaming though. Maybe going into Windows and be able to double the image. I know the OS can use two monitors at once. Then output one signal to the other coumputer.

Like I said before and easy way and you don't have to use FRAPs, if to just record on a VCR/home DVD recorder. Then you could just then record it back to the computer.

VGA data going into the motherboard is the wrong lingo but dont worry about it. It has to go into some type of video card, or some onboard video.

Since FRAPS is slowing you down I guess if you can send a second VGA/DVI signal to another computer might work, but wont that just slow you down also? I don't know.

Using the SVHS out on a decent video card didn't seem to effect my game preformance, but of course you may not get the resolution you want, but it sill looks good on a TV if you just want to look back on your adventures. hehe.

the Prsioner

I'm not a number, I'm a free man! :mad: