Get audio to ps3 with same speakers that are connected to PC

Ok, so im a pc gamer, and am thinking to get a ps3 too soon. Though ill be using the same HD monitor for pc and ps3, but as my moniotr has hdmi and vga, ill connect the ps3 to hdmi and pc to it gonna work out?

Ok now for audio....I'll be using same speakers (2.1) for both the ps3 and pc. So what kinda connectors or adapter do I need?

Pleasee help! Thank you

Sorry if its not in the right catergory
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  1. Well, for audio, you only have 2 options:

    1: Use the standard RCA analog jacks, which use two RCA plugs for L/R stereo sound. Using an RCA->3.5mm converter (found for like $2 at you're local radio shack), connect via you're PC's "line input" port. You can then switch between you're PC (speakers) and PS3 (line input) from within Windows.

    2: Use optical digital output of PS3 and connect to a recievers digitial input, and connect you're PC sound outputs to the recievers analog input. Connect you're speaker setup to the recievers output, and you can toggle which source will play back audio to the speakers.

    3: Connect the PS3's digital output to you're soundcards digital input.
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