LCD monitor color shifting problem?


I recently purchased a Dell E2209W 22" LCD (TN) monitor. I've noticed that when looking at the monitor from straight on with a pure white background, a very slight difference in color tones can be seen on the sides of the monitor. In particular, the left side seems to have a "reddish" tone, and the right side has a "blueish" tone. This is not something I would notice while playing a game, but now it bugs at me when doing regular activity on the PC...

Is this normal for a TN LCD monitor or is there something wrong with my unit?

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  1. Normal for all TN panel monitors. A picture(s) would help to determine if it seems excessive.

    Sometime you get what you pay for.
  2. Hey jaguarskx,

    Here's a pic I took with my camera... it's pretty low quality (camera not so great) but it kinda gets across what I am seeing. It may look worse in the picture than actually in person but it gives the gist of what's going on. You can kinda see that the left side is "reddish", the middle is more neutral white, and then the right side starts getting darker or "bluish".

    Are LCD TNs really this bad? It gets to the point where if I'm browsing a website with a single colored banner from left to right, it almost looks like there is a gradient from reddish to bluish.


  3. That's about average for a TN panel monitor. The TN monitor I use at work shows similar color shifting on a white background. Increasing the brightness and adjusting the contrast helped a little bit.

    I have a TN panel monitor (Asus VK246H) at home, which does show a little bit of shifting, but not as bad as what you have in your picture. It is not used that often so I don't really care too much since my primary monitor, NEC 2690WUXi, uses a H-IPS panel.

    Like I said, sometimes you get what you pay for which is why the Asus is the first and last TN panel monitor I will ever buy.
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